1. aj petersen

    I am unable to get on arows from the library computer on the Air Force base. I have added the compatibility settings. I got my account unlocked. Surely this computer is a mil network?

  2. Jeremy

    I’ve not been able to get onto AROWS-R either. My new CAC was issued in Feb 2017. I’ve reinstalled I.E 11, reinstalled installroot, reloaded certs, etc. I’ve done the above as well. I cannot access af portal either, but I can access MyPers. When I click “Log in with cac” the website just thinks until it times out saying it cannot be displayed. I’ve also tried tech support, not helpful with their canned response. Anyone have any other ideas, I’d be grateful.

  3. Renee

    Anyone have any luck with Microsoft Edge? I have Windows 10 (unfortunately). I can get into Arrows R but I can’t get the cert. to load so I can click the OK button. So close yet so far away!! And Windows 10 won’t let me download IE.

    • Corey

      The Windows 10 boxes I’ve dealt with have IE installed – just hidden. Have you tried clicking on the Windows button, then typing “Internet”? It should show up as a result on the search list. You can then right-click on it and pin it to the taskbar.

  4. Jesse

    In order to get this to work, you may have to go into the advanced tab in the JAVA program (not internet options) and make sure that the TLS 1.1 and 1.2 boxes are checked. Reload AROWS in Internet Exploder and it should work after that.

    • Matt

      Thanks for the reminder. I Needed to re-check these boxes after the latest JAVA update. Don’t forget to close and reopen Internet Explorer not just the AROWS tab.

  5. Rick

    I am seeing that AROWS-R/UTAPS are no longer accessible from the army.mil system I used to use. Now this is getting ridiculous. Compatibility settings are turned on for af.mil and all of the TLS versions are enabled. Any ideas?

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