How to Sign Up for Maxwell Air University Distance Learning

How Do I Register for Air University Distance Learning?

To sign up for Maxwell Air University distance learning courses like:

  • Airman Leadership (ALS)
  • Squadron Officer School (SOS)
  • Air Command and Staff College (ACSC)
  • Air War College (AWC)

You must go to the AUSIS (Air University Student Information System) to register for each course. There are two different links to accesses the AUSIS course registration system.

Military Network: For users accessing Air University distance learning from a military .mil NIPRnet network use the following link.

Commercial Network: For users accessing Air University distance learning from a civilian commercial .com network (from your home) use the following link.

Notes for users accessing Maxwell AUSIS from a commercial network

Note: The commercial network link is actually redirecting you through the Air Force Portal. Therefore you will need your military CAC card and card reader in order to access the AF portal, which will then allow you access to the AUSIS Air University website.

Beware of .EDU Redirects if Accessing AUSIS from a Commercial Nework

An annoying issue for reservists is accessing the AUSIS (Air University Student Information System) registration portal is that if you are trying to access AUSIS.MAXWELL.AF.MIL from home, our friends at Air University will redirect you to their non-military .edu commercial website, which is impossible to log into the portal so that you can complete enrollment.

May people are not aware that you can use the following link to access the Air University AUSIS portal from home:

Honestly, I don’t know why Google and Bing have such a difficult time picking up this commercial link, but this is the easiest way to log into the AUSIS portal if you are not on a military network.

Keep in mind that you will need to have your CAC available and use a smart card reader to access the site.

If you are having issues accessing the AUSIS commercial site to access ACSC or AWC you can also log into the Air Force Portal and do a search for AUSIS Maxwell. That should bring up a link that you can use to access the Air University portal.

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