AY 17/18 Air Force Reserve Developmental Education Board

The Annual Year 2017-2018 AF Developmental Education Board (RDEDB) will convene on 17-21 October 2016 at ARPC, Buckley AFB, CO. The deadline to apply is September 12, 2016, however applications must be coordinated through unit/group/wing, MPS, NAF, and MAJCOM or RIO Detachment, so the deadline for applicants is much earlier depending on their unit.

Requirements to Apply to The Air Force Developmental Education Board

  1. You must have a current and passing Fitness Assessment
  2. Your participation must be satisfactory over the last 5 years.
  3. Your Mandatory Separation Date (MSD) must comply with the course end date plus 48 months. If your MSD is prior to July 2022 then you must apply for a waiver.
  4. Reserve Service Commitment – All AFR members who attend IDE, SDE, or ASG courses in-residence will incur a three year commitment upon completion.
  5. No disqualifying factors like UIFs, not meeting prerequisites for a course, and incomplete/improperly coordinated applications
  6. Twice deferred officers for promotion are not eligible and waivers will not be accepted
  7. Air National Guard members may not apply for RDEDB

How Do I Apply For The Air Force Developmental Education Board?

To apply to the RDEDB follow these steps:

  1. Go to MyPers website
  2. On the picture carousel there is a link to the memorandum on how to apply. Or see this document: AY_17-18_RDEDB_Invitation_to_Apply_Change_1.
  3. You must complete the nomination package via vPC
  4. Click on Action Requests tab
  5. Then click on Air Reserve
  6. Click on the RDEDB application link
  7. Complete personal information
  8. Select your desired course
  9. Attach all documentation required including:
    1. Fitness Assessment report
    2. Waiver letters
    3. College transcripts
    4. GRE/GMAT scores
    5. AF formatted Biography
  10. Complete justification box
  11. Complete intials and signature box
  12. Complete senior rater box
  13. Select your rater
  14. Click submit


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