Military Reserve Participation Requirements

All military reservists are required to earn a minimum of 50 points per year in order to earn a good year toward retirement. In addition these points must be earned within both the military Fiscal Year (1 Oct – 30 Sep), and the reservist’s Retirement/Retention (R/R) year (this differs by individual.

Reservists earn 15 points just for being a member of the service that year. Therefore you need to earn at least 35 points between your Annual Tour, IDT, and ECI days each year.

How Do Reservists Accrue Points?

Accruing points depends on the type of duty you perform. There are three basic point types:

  • Annual Tour – 1 point per day
  • Inactive Duty Training (IDT) – 1 point per 4 hours (2 points per full day)
  • Man Days – 1 point per day
  • ECI – Depends on length of course


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