1. Sam

    Hi! Wondering if you can point me in the right direction. I’m prior service and am in the works to sign on with the Air Reserve. I’ve heard of some pretty great annual tour locations for my AFSC. Do you know if you are able to stay longer in the destination of your annual tour if you pay the flight back?

    • imareservist

      Hi Sam,

      From my experience I don’t think the reserves will care if you stay longer at the destination. Unlike Active Duty military where you must take leave in conjunction with a TDY, you don’t accrue leave while serving in the Air Reserve, therefore there is no leave you could possibly take. In this case the reserves will simply not pay for the hotel, rental car, and per diem for the days when you are not on duty. You will simply fill out your AF Form 938 to show that you performed your duty and flew back after your Annual Tour (it could be a few days later). That said, I believe you would have to submit a request in AROWS that you want to fly back on a day other than the day after you complete your Annual Tour.

  2. James

    Can you claim the mileage on every type of order?(AT, MPA, ADT ect)
    No one in my unit seems to be aware that we can claim commuter mileage.
    Do you happen to have an AFI reference for that?


  3. Nils Jon Olsen II

    Can you please elaborate on the I did and did not section for staying in government quarters. I want BAH so should I select I did or select did not occupy government quarters? I did stay on base.

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